Xerox Sells To Fujifilm – What Does This Mean For Your Xerox Copier?

Early this morning, the Globe & Mail released a news article announcing that Xerox Corp. had officially sold the majority of its shares (49.9%) to Japanese company Fujifilm. The speedy decision to sell came from shareholder pressure to make strategic decisions for the company, based off declining financials over several quarters.

So what does this mean for your business if you are using a Xerox copier?

In the short-term, probably nothing. Large corporate acquisitions take time to finalize due to all of the financials and legal work that needs to be completed.

But over the long-term, significant change could take place. As part of the new acquisition, Xerox announced that they would be “restructuring”, “cutting 10,000 jobs” and “gain an increased edge in new technologies.” Last year, Fujifilm reported a 29.4% drop in operating profit at its document management operations. It’s clear that investing into their copier business is not a sustainable strategy for the future. Now that Fujifilm owns Xerox, they could continue servicing their products over the next 5 years, or they could stop servicing them tomorrow if they so choose.

So what can you take away from this acquisition? Now is the perfect time to start exploring your office technology options.

As cloud technology continues to drive paperless processes in the office, the need for printing continues to decline. Here at Ontario Copier, we embrace the change and have the technology to drive your business into a more productive future:

  • High Speed Document Scanners
  • Cloud-Based Document Management Systems
  • Workflow Automation Software
  • Mobile Printing and Scanning Apps
  • PDF Editing and Conversion Software

There will always be a need to print. Our value add at Ontario Copier is to provide you with the smart technology to better manage your print output and costs.

  • No more expensive leases on copiers that cost more than your car
  • No more paper jams
  • Control over your colour printing
  • Easy to use touchscreen interfaces
  • Smart re-routing of print jobs to devices that are not in use

Your business needs a technological edge to drive productivity and do more with less. And the right technology partner can implement and support you for year’s to come. Through our partnerships with Konica Minolta and Toshiba, we are confident we can meet and exceed the technology expectations of any business in Canada.

If you are ready to explore a change in your office technology, one of our business consultants is ready to help. Call us today at 1-800-765-0273.

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