“Why Should I Look at Document Management?”

Searching for Documents is as Simple as Using Google

Our document management software can help you increase productivity and reduce storage costs by creating a better system for archiving and retrieving your documents. Document management functions like Google. Simply enter the keywords you are searching for and the documents that best match your keywords will populate.

Search by Invoice Number, Customer Number, or Text Within the Document

Scanning documents through your copier can be programmed to pick up key pieces of “metadata” in order to make searching for your documents faster and streamlined.

Protect Your Information

Paper documents are at risk of natural disasters, such as fires and floods. Protect your information by securing them in digital form.

PDF Editing and Conversion

A scanned PDF is useless if it can’t be used again. Convert your PDF documents into an editable format such as Microsoft Word or Powerpoint inside your document management system.

Scan to the Cloud

If you work with a CRM or cloud-based depository such as Google Drive or Dropbox, we can show you how to scan and manage all of your documents directly on the cloud.

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