The Ultimate Copier “Beware!” List

In the market for a new copier? Use this check list as a helpful guide to making sure you get the best value for your money.

  • Ensure all pricing is in a formal proposal that clearly displays the pricing, brand/model, specifications and a picture of the copier
  • Are you buying new or used? Not sure? Make sure you know!
  • If buying used or refurbished, ensure that the year of the model and the meter count is provided with your pricing
  • Ask for a “Total Cost of Ownership” in your pricing that calculates your Monthly Lease Payment + (Cost Per Print x Average Monthly Print Volume)
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate. We want to win your business and sometimes might be willing to offer a few perks for it! :)
  • Don’t over-negotiate. The copier industry has been built on friendly relationships between sales reps and business owners. We have families to feed too!
  • How many service technicians does the company you are buying from have? What is their average on-site response time? How much experience do they have? Are they factory-trained and certified by the brand? Service is critical for long-term maintenance and reliability so make sure you know the answers to these questions.
  • What is the purchase price compared to the monthly lease payment? It’s often a good idea to request both so you can approximate how much you will be paying in interest over the term.
  • What is your proposed lease term? 60 months is most common, but many companies will offer a 66-month term for a lower payment.
  • What is the buyout on your copier at the end of your lease term? In Canada, “Fair Market Value” is a frequently seen term that does not give you an exact figure. Try to negotiate your “Fair Market Value” ahead of time in writing with the copier company, or request a lease rate with a $10 buyout.
  • If you are requesting multiple quotes, take the time to meet your copier rep. It’s a show of good faith and shows you’re not just shopping for the lowest price.
  • Do you need colour? Colour is a great way to attract attention to information in your documents, whether they are year-end financial statements, customer-facing marketing materials or sales proposals. If you don’t think you will print very often in colour, it’s best not to buy a colour copier as many companies will add a monthly minimum.
  • What is your service escalation per year? Make sure you know this upfront in writing! It’s standard practice to increase your service rates once per year based on the inflation rate (3 to 5%). Make sure this is in writing so that you are not stuck with a 15-20% increase each year in your rates!
  • Are there any “monthly minimums” with your service plan? Your service rates should be solely based on your Cost Per Print. Monthly minimums are a way to protect the copier company from losing money, but puts the customer at risk if they are not printing enough to cover the minimum amount.
  • At the end of your copier lease, who is responsible for picking up your copier and returning it to the leasing company? It is standard practice for a copier company to return it for you if you are upgrading your equipment with them. If you are switching providers, look out for a $300 to $500 fee to return your copier! Try to negotiate your return fee ahead of time.
  • At the end of your lease term, beware of any “hidden” fees that a copier company might try to charge you. This includes: PPSA Discharge Fee, Re-Stocking Fee, Pick-Up Fee, Early Termination Fee, Hard Drive Removal Fee, etc.
  • Don’t be taken advantage of with the Hard Drive Removal Fee! Most copiers today offer a built-in feature that wipes the hard drive and any information remaining on the copier. It’s a common misconception that scans are stored on the hard drive. They are in actuality stored in the RAM of the copier and clear as soon as you turn off the copier.
  • Research the brand you are buying. There is a difference in quality and reliability between a “Tier 1″ brand and a “Tier 2″ brand. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to buy from a brand that only manufacturers imaging products such as Copiers, Cameras, Scanners and X-Rays, instead of general electronics such as TV’s, Computers and Refrigerators.
  • Test out the copier you are interested in with an on-site demo. If you are going to sign a 5-year lease, it’s best to try the equipment out to make sure you like it.
  • Be respectful of your time and your copier rep’s time. Great relationships lead to better service, better prices and a mutual trust that results in a long-lasting, mutually-beneficial partnership.

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