Solutions for Real Estate

Running a business is easy…”

- Said no one ever.

A real estate agency is a busy and bustling place! Your agents are the lifeblood of your organization. Keeping them organized and productive with technology is essential to servicing their clients and winning new business. Our solutions at Ontario Copier improve customer-facing communications and keep your sales reps mobile.

High Quality Colour Output

Customer facing documents such as commercial or residential photos are critical to demonstrate the quality of your products and your brand. Sales representatives want to showcase accurate and high quality photos that show the true value of a property. With high quality colour output from our copier technology, your agents can confidently print off any photo – and know your clients will appreciate them knowing it didn’t come off the tray of a home inkjet printer.

Variety of Finishing Options

Our copiers can be configured with a variety of finishing options such as Booklet Finishing, Folding and Hole Punching. Whether your sales agents want to print brochures, posters, business cards, Christmas cards, calendars or other specialty documents for their clients, our technology can produce it all with reliability, speed and consistency.

Mobile Printing Apps

You have hundreds of sales representatives but only a dozen computers in your office. Without a proper solution, printing can be a bottle neck! With free mobile printing apps available for Android and iOS devices, any one of your real estate agents can print documents to the copier right from their smart phone or tablet.

Cost Recovery

Your sales representatives have to pay membership fees to sell properties under your agency – why shouldn’t they have to pay for their printing usage too? With Cost Recovery, you can accurately track all of your sales reps printing usage and bill them for their colour and B&W usage at the end of each month.

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