“How Can I Control How Much Printing Is Done?”

If Managed Print Services is the process of optimizing your print fleet and workflows, then Print Management is the process of controlling how much printing is done within your organization. Print Management uses software, print drivers and features of the copier in order to track printing and create print rules to help reduce overall costs.


“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Accounting is the process of tracking how much paper each employee and/or department is producing on your printing devices. This functions by assigning users with a unique ID code or swipe card. Every time the user prints, copies or scans a document, their paper usage is tallied and organized by monochrome versus colour usage. At the end of each month, each user’s printing usage can be examined to identify any printing abuse.

Simply applying Accounting in your organization can reduce print volumes by approximately 10 to 30%.

Cost Recovery

Cost Recovery is similar to Accounting, except that it tracks printing usage for the process of charge backs to your client. Within the Legal or Architectural industries, it is common to charge back prints, copies and even scans made during the course of your consulting project. Cost Recovery streamlines your charge backs by applying a cost to every print or scan made and automatically preparing a tallied invoice for your client.

Colour Printing Restrictions

Abuse of colour printing can be one of the greatest causes of inflated print costs in an organization due to how expensive it is compared to black and white printing. If a black and white print on average costs $0.01, then a colour print on average costs $0.08. Many employees will print generic documents in colour because they don’t understand the cost of colour printing or are too lazy to change their print settings to Black and White.

Using ID codes or swipe cards allows you to apply colour printing limits or restrictions. Users that need to print in colour can be given a monthly colour printing quota. Users that don’t need to print in colour can be restricted from colour usage altogether.

In summary, restricting colour printing ensures that your print costs are kept to a minimum by avoiding unnecessary costs.

Rules-Based Printing

Sometimes ID codes or swipe cards can be cumbersome. By enforcing print rules via the print driver, administrators can default print settings such as “Black and White” or “2-Sided Printing.” This will help keep printing costs and paper usage to a minimum.

More advanced software such as Follow-Me Printing can create customized print rules to improve workflows and productivity. For example, if a document is 50 pages or more it is automatically printed to a larger, more cost-efficient copier.

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