PDF Editing and Conversion

A vital piece of document management is being able to use a document in any form, regardless of whether it is in digital or paper format. Having the ability to edit and convert your PDF documents will virtually unlock all of your information.

If you take a look at a traditional scanned PDF document, the information is locked inside. A scanned document is more like a picture file than a text document. This makes it difficult to search for information within the document, edit the file, or even find the document using Windows Search.

PDF Editing and Conversion software can “unlock” these scanned documents. Here are a few ways:

Hard Copy Document Editing

How do you edit a document if you only have the file in paper format? Scanning your paper document into our PDF Editing and Conversion software will allow you to edit the document as you need. The software is powerful enough to recognize font types, sizes and colours so that simple text changes can be made. You can even move pictures around, delete text within the document, or add new text anywhere in the document.

PDF Conversion

A traditional PDF document is locked and uneditable. Using our PDF software, you can convert your PDF document into any text processing software: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, WordPerfect and more. This allows you very easily edit your PDF documents without needing to learn new software. When you’re ready to save your file back as a PDF, simply re-save it as a PDF.

Searchable PDF

Text within a traditional PDF resembles a picture file. The text cannot be selected. Using our software, you can convert your PDF documents and scanned images into a “Searchable PDF” so that the text within the document can be selected. This will allow you to search for text within the document. Even better is that you can now easily locate your files by entering keywords into Windows Search. Windows Search will match files that contain the keywords you are searching for.

More Features

More features included in our PDF editing and conversion software include:

  • Text redaction
  • Side-by-side document comparisons
  • PDF creation
  • Encrypt and password-protect confidential files
  • Archiving workflows to Dropbox, SharePoint and Evernote
  • Save to PDF
  • Digital form creation

45-Day Free Trial

PDF Editing and Conversion can be an extremely handy tool in business offices, especially within the legal and financial industries. It is an extremely low-cost investment that can help increase productivity by saving you time handling your documents. Are you interested in the features and functionality of our software? We offer a 45-day free trial for interested customers. Click here to contact us and ask for our 45-day free trial of the PDF software!

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