“What’s the Difference Between a New Copier and a Used Copier?”

The battle is on! New? Used? Which offers more value in the long run? Is it the same as purchasing a car?

When shopping for a new multifunction copier for your office, you will certainly come across the idea of investing into a refurbished copier instead of a brand new one. Choosing used over new has both of its advantages and disadvantages. This article is going to clearly lay out both so that you can make an informed decision on your own.

Advantage #1 – Lower Priced Technology

Because they are used, a refurbished copier is obviously going to cost less than a comparable new model. Used copiers can cost as much as 50% or less than a factory new model. This gives you a lot more flexibility with your budget. You can either save monthly on new or upgrade to a better quality device.

Advantage #2 – More Negotiation Firepower

Because used copiers are sitting in a warehouse, they are not restricted to “limited time only” discounts or rebates offered by the manufacturer. This gives you the ability to negotiate a good price without feeling the pressure to buy now.

Advantage #3 – High Quality and Reliability

Imaging technology has improved in small increments during the past 5 years. This means that you are gaining very small feature and quality upgrades with a new model compared to a used model. If properly serviced, a refurbished copier can last just as long as a new one.

Disadvantage #1 – Higher Cost Per Print

The cost of parts and supplies is higher priced for older technology. This means that your cost per print will be slightly higher than a new model. If you are printing enough volumes each month, it may be worthwhile to choose a new model with a lower cost per print.

Disadvantage #2 – Greater Frequency of Service Calls

Used copiers will break down more often than a new model, just as a used car requires more servicing than a new one. Your service provider will do everything to ensure maximum up-time and reliability. Be aware that anything used will have less performance than new.

Disadvantage #3 – No Equipment Rebates

Quarterly incentives or end-of-year specials are sometimes available for certain new copier models that customers can take advantage of. In some cases, the rebates offered by the manufacturer can make the cost of a new model very close to the cost of used.

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