“How Can I Access My Documents On My Tablet Or Smartphone?”

We are a mobile-driven society. Smartphones, tablets and the Cloud have forever changed how we access information. Document Management software has evolved to keep up with technology changes. You can now access your documents from anywhere in the world, on any device, provided that you have an Internet connection.

Traditional document management software functions on a company server. Only users within the network can access files stored on the document management system. The only way to access information outside of the company network is to set up a secure VPN connection. Many enterprise companies already use a VPN. However, small and medium-sized businesses rarely invest into VPN connections. Additionally, good IT support is required in case of server downtime, which is an additional cost.

Cloud-based document management differs from traditional document management by evolving into the popular “software as a service” billing method. Much like Google Drive and Dropbox, companies simply pay a small monthly fee to use their very own secure document management system that exists in the “cloud.” In other words, the document management system is accessed via a web browser. Supported by an Apple and Android app, you can upload, access and download any of your files using any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Cloud-based document management has become far superior to standard document management for so many reasons:

Fully Managed Service

The Document Management software is serviced and supported by the provider. If a server goes down, they have several backups in place.

Canadian-Hosted Servers

Unlike Google Drive and Dropbox, the document management providers we work with host their servers in Canada. This means your files are protected under Canadian laws. American-hosted servers on the other hand are subject to the Patriot Act, posing potential risk to the confidentiality of your files.

No Upfront Investment

There is no upfront investment required for cloud-based document management, such as purchasing a server or expensive software. Cloud-based document management only costs a single monthly fee.

Mobile Accessibility

Your sales force, executives and other traveling employees are empowered by having access to critical company information from anywhere at anytime on any device.

Our Solution

At Ontario Copier, the cloud-based document management system we offer has all of the same features and functionality as a regular server-based document management system. Contact us today to learn more about our solution.

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