Solutions for Medium Business

Running a business is easy…”

- Said no one ever.

You have an established business, it’s growing, and your employees are counting on you to lead the company. Congratulations on all of your success thus far! As your business continues to grow, Ontario Copier wants to help you create document efficiencies to help reduce costs and maximize productivity.

Workflow Solutions

Processes such as HR on-boarding, accounts receivable and accounts payable can be a nightmare with the amount of paper and documentation involved. Automating these processes can save valuable time and money. Our scanning solutions employ barcode recognition software and Zonal OCR to capture critical information to name your documents and automatically store them in a designated directory, whether it’s your server, the cloud, a document management system or an email address.

Secure Content Management

Managing documents on a company server becomes challenging when IT has to consistently monitor permission rights and user access. Even more challenging is trying to organize documents using folder structures. Should documents be organized by the customer name? Dates? Invoice numbers? And how should files be named?

Our content management solutions organize your documents in all of the above methods so that you can search for and retrieve your documents using the information you know. Documents are stored securely with check-in/check-out procedures so that you know exactly who viewed what documents at what time. And now with cloud-based content management, you can search for and retrieve your documents anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Fax to Email

Incoming faxes can be re-directed to an email address of your choice, reducing your carbon footprint and improving how quickly a fax can be transferred to its intended recipient.

Secure Printing

Forcing users to release their print jobs at the copier helps reduce print waste and eliminate unnecessary printing costs, achieving a reduction of up to 30% in your printing volumes. In addition, HR and accounting will never have to worry about accidentally leaving a confidential document on the copy tray.

Variety of Finishing Options

Our copiers can be configured with a variety of finishing options such as Booklet Finishing, Folding and Hole Punching. Produce all of your complex print jobs in-house (marketing materials, brochures, mail outs, etc.) to eliminate your outsourcing costs and improve turnaround times.

Automated Toner Delivery

Your office manager doesn’t always have time to order toner. With automated toner delivery, we can program your copier to automatically alert us when toner levels are low. This way, we can ship out your next toner bottle before you run out – all in the effort of minimizing any potential downtime on your copier.

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