Solutions for Marketing

Running a business is easy…”

- Said no one ever.

Marketing firms and print shops are experts on improving brand recognition. It’s essential that the highest quality of documents are produced on any of their copiers or print production devices. Marketing firms and print shops will benefit from a variety of graphic solutions that Ontario Copier offers to the marketing industry.

Fiery Print Controller

A Fiery print controller matches Pantone colours to produce an exact-matching colour, from digital to print production. For clients that require their brand to match a specific Pantone colour, a Fiery controller is required to ensure that all printed documents meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

Variety of Finishing Options

Our copiers can be configured with a variety of finishing options such as Booklet Finishing, Folding and Hole Punching. Whether you are printing brochures, posters, business cards, calendars, training manuals or other speciality documents, our technology can produce it all with reliability, speed and consistency.

In-House Mailouts

Save time and money by printing all of your mailouts in-house, including the inserts and the envelopes. Rich colour quality mixed with fast printing speeds on a variety of stock gives you control and consistency without needing to outsource your printing needs. Our technology even tri-folds the inserts for you, so all you need to do is stuff it in the envelope.

Print Workflows

Complex print jobs such as variable printing or using different substrate of medias require special workflow solutions. Our workflow software can pre-program your complex print jobs to automate the entire process, saving your company time and improving turnaround times.

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