Solutions for Law Firms

Running a business is easy…”

- Said no one ever.

Paper is still an important asset at any law firm, as government regulation requires all litigation to be stored for a period of years. In addition, traditional communication technology such as fax transmissions are still used for security purposes. Our legal solutions at Ontario Copier are designed to organize your documents while still complying with government regulation. We even have a few ideas on how you can increase client revenue.

Scan to Searchable PDF

Managing litigation and case files in traditional paper format becomes challenging when you need to look back on past records. How are case files organized? By year, client name or client number? And how do you quickly find information from a specific case?

Scanning your litigation and case files to a Searchable PDF format before archiving them allows you to store your files in whichever folder structure you choose on your law firm’s server. Users will be able to locate documents and information simply by searching by key words within the document. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), users can even copy text and paste it in a new document to prevent re-typing old documentation that is only available in hard copy format.

Digital Faxing

Faxes must be received as a hard copy as proof that it was received. However, that doesn’t mean documents can’t sent in digital format. Faxes can be sent directly from your PC using our special Digital Fax drivers. This prevents staff from having to print out documents before faxing, reducing your law firm’s printing costs and improving your environmental sustainability.


A lot of printing happens in a law firm. It’s essential that staff are aware of the costs involved with printing in colour versus B&W. With Accounting, you can track all of your users monthly printing usage. If required, staff can be given monthly colour printing quotas to ensure that colour printing is not abused.

Cost Recovery

It is a standard practice for most law firms to bill their clients for the amount of printing they do. But how do you accurately track this usage? With Cost Recovery, all of your staff can enter a client’s case number into the copier before printing or copying any documents related to their case. All printing and copying related to a client is tracked and accounted for. An invoice is then automatically generated based on the colour and B&W rates you charge to clients.