HR – Digitizing Your New Hire Onboarding Process

The role of HR is difficult. Many HR Business Consultants are strategic thinkers. They want to create change in the organization that stimulates growth. Culture improvement, employee engagement, attracting top talent, managing current talent and training employees are all top-of-mind strategic initiatives for the modern HR executive.

Yet, all too often HR people are bogged down by “tactical”, sometimes even administrative tasks that take up critical time because they are urgent. Payroll, benefits administration and new hire onboarding are all time-consuming tasks that need to be taken care of, but fail to drive their strategic initiatives.

As part of a new on-going blog series, we are going to talk about how integrating one small change to your office copier can improve, if not automate, your new hire onboarding process.

What happens when a new employee joins your company?

Typically, there is paperwork after paperwork that has to be filled out…

  • Employment contract
  • Benefits form
  • Tax forms
  • Health + Safety policies
  • Etc, etc..

But what happens to these documents after they are filled out?

In most cases, companies simply file the documents away in a filing cabinet. Yes, I know! Not a smart move in the event of a fire or a flood. Even simpler, it could take your HR person hours to find information about an employee, even something as simple as a date of birth. Some HR departments have modernized with software systems that holds all of the employee information. However, it still has to be keyed in, which could take hours to input all of the necessary information.

What if there was an easier way to upload your documents and store your employee information?

There is. Document Management has evolved to where it not only stores scanned documents, but also collects all of the text within the document and stores it as something called metadata. This means that by simply scanning your new hire’s onboarding files through your copier, the document management system automatically collects the data. Here is the benefit: As the HR person, you can locate and open employee files simply by searching for key information. For example, if you needed the date of birth for one of your employees, all you would need to search for is, John Smith Date of Birth.

It gets even easier than this.

Modern office copiers have evolved with sophisticated touch screen interfaces that use apps. These apps are designed to streamline the entire scanning process to something like this:

Step 1: Walk up to your office copier

Step 2: Press the Document Management app

Step 3: Select the New Hire Onboarding workflow

And presto! Once the workflow is activated, all of the documents will be automatically uploaded into the document management system and translate all of the information into metadata.

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