Solutions for Health Care

Running a business is easy…”

- Said no one ever.

For medical organizations, time and security are critical. Patient information requires the highest level of confidential and its essential that all technology systems are running with 99.9% uptime. Our managed print solutions for the health care industry aim to reduce IT overhead while ensuring compliance with PIPEDA and HIPPA.

Workflow Solutions

Processes such as scanning patient information to your patient management software can be extremely time-consuming for your staff. Automating these processes can save valuable time and money. Our scanning solutions employ barcode recognition software and Zonal OCR to capture critical patient information and automatically upload them to your patient management software.

Secure Printing

Forcing staff to release their print jobs at the copier ensures that confidential documents (such as patient records) are never accidentally left on the copy tray. In addition, print waste is reduced by preventing unnecessary print jobs from being printed out. This results in a reduction of up to 30% in your print volumes.

Scan Security

Security of scanned documents can be improved by enabling password protection on your PDF documents. This way, only enabled users are allowed to view any contents that are scanned throughout your organization. Additionally, users will have to authenticate themselves at the copier before they can scan a document, ensuring that all scans are accounted for by authorized medical staff.

Fleet Management

Managing an entire fleet of copiers can be challenging, especially as users continuously call on IT for support. With our Fleet Management solutions, IT can manage your entire fleet of copiers from a remote desktop. Alerts such as a paper jam can be automatically emailed to your IT administrator’s inbox, helping to streamline service call requests. We can even automate your toner delivery so that you never need to worry about running out of toner again.

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