Death of the Office? 3 Reasons We Don’t Think So

As fears about the Coronavirus pandemic begin to ease, and life returns to normal, much conversation has taken place about whether or not the corporate office will survive. Has there been a permanent shift towards Work From Home? Will companies adopt a hybrid model? In our humble opinion, we think the office is in a temporary blip that will “zoom” back (pun intended) over the coming years. Here’s 3 reasons why we think the office will still be a permanent part of business life.

#1 – Digital Exhaustion

Office employees have been glued to their computer screens all day for 21 months now. We have replaced in-person meetings with Zoom meetings, staff parties with digital get-togethers and office chat with instant chat. Work From Home has its perks, but many employees from the C-suite to the administrator are beginning to feel the effects of digital burnout.

#2 – Employee Engagement is Low

Humans are by nature are social creatures. We crave interaction. And as much as Work From Home has its perks, it also has its consequences. Low employee engagement and high turnover are all resulting in The Great Resignation as the labour force re-shuffles itself to find more meaning in the workplace. The culture of an organization will become critical over the coming years as a differentiator to boost engagement and increase employee retention. Some companies are embracing Work From Home to meet the asks of their employees. However, what people truly want is to fit in where they feel they belong. As COVID-19 subsides, taking the opportunity to revitalize your office culture is an excellent way to show employees that you care – and that they belong where they are.

#3 – New Employees Need Training and Mentorship

Boomers, as they are affectionally called, are retiring. In fact, over 30 million baby boomers retired in the third quarter of 2020 alone. The previous generation is stepping aside which is leaving massive labour gaps for the next two generations to fulfill. As Millennials take the opportunity to step into management positions, the next coming generation is entering the workforce for the first time. Many of these positions are entry-level, new graduate positions require lots of training and mentorship. Historically, the office was a great place to mentor the next generation and provide the training they needed. However, today they are moving straight into Work From Home positions. Without discipline and training, it’s possible that this next generation could miss out on some of the productivity benefits that come from learning from your more experienced peers.

In summary, we believe that the office environment is far from dead. Give it a few years, and corporate managers will be calling employees back to the office in an effort to increase company-wide productivity.

And we know what that means for printing and scanning…

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