5 Myths About Colour Copiers

While helping our customers shop for a new office copier, one of the most common comments we receive is, “I can’t afford a colour copier!” There is a lot of speculation about colour copiers, so we decided to put together this short article to debunk the top 5 myths about colour copiers. We believe that the benefits of colour printing are worth this investigation!

Myth #1 – “Colour Copiers are too expensive compared to monochrome copiers”

This is by far the greatest misconception. Colour photocopier technology has improved worldwide, driving the cost of technology down (much like computers in the 1990’s and early 2000’s). This means that a colour copier costs roughly the same as a monochrome copier. For most models, a colour copier will only cost 10% more than a monochrome copier. This is certainly less than 10 years ago when a small colour photocopier cost $20,000 or more. Today, a small colour photocopier can be leased for as little as $69 per month.

Myth #2 – “Printing in colour is far more expensive than printing in black and white”

Again, this is a myth. On a toner-based multifunction copier, printing in colour will only cost a few pennies more than printing in black. When staff do need to print in colour, you can relax knowing that a colour print is not as expensive as it seems.

Myth #3 – “Outsourcing my colour printing to a print shop is cheaper”

Have you worked the calculation? Print shops need to earn a profit too. That’s why most print shops will charge a flat rate of $0.39 for a colour print. A colour copier offers a cost of $0.07 or less on a colour print. If you are producing enough colour prints per month, it makes sense to calculate the return on investment by leasing a colour copier. Save money each month by not outsourcing your colour printing to a print shop.

Myth #4 – “I can’t control how much colour printing my staff does”

Every colour copier today, regardless of the brand, offers a feature to track, limit and restrict colour printing. This feature works by assigning every employee a unique ID code. This means you have full visibility on how much colour printing each employee is doing for accounting purposes. If necessary, you can then limit or restrict certain employee’s colour printing usage.

Myth #5 – “The print quality on a colour copier is not very good”

Today’s colour copiers take their print engine technology directly from the digital presses that you see in print shops. This means that your standard colour print will offer very high quality colour printing. For marketing departments or companies that need to produce Pantone colours, you can add on a Fiery print control at a small monthly investment.

“I’m interested… What are the benefits of printing in colour?”

Printing in colour offers so many benefits! Here are just a few:

  • Attract attention with high resolution colour printing. People will take notice of graphs, ads or important information. We recommend bold colours such as gold, red and blue.
  • Invoke professionalism in your documents. Many companies will print customer-facing documents with their logo in colour, such as proposals or flyers.
  • Build advertising into your invoices. At the bottom of every customer invoice, showcase in colour a special offer or product offering that your customers did not know about. The small cost increase to print in colour could generate thousands of dollars in additional revenue for you.

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