5 Lies About Copier Leases (And the Truth About What You’re Getting Into!)

The surest sign of a salesman looking to make a quick buck is when they rush you into signing the paperwork. Copier leases are complicated legal documents – and without a proper review you may not know what you are getting yourself into! No, a photocopier lease is not a nefarious document intended to steal your […]

Xerox Sells To Fujifilm – What Does This Mean For Your Xerox Copier?

Early this morning, the Globe & Mail released a news article announcing that Xerox Corp. had officially sold the majority of its shares (49.9%) to Japanese company Fujifilm. The speedy decision to sell came from shareholder pressure to make strategic decisions for the company, based off declining financials over several quarters. So what does this […]

Stuck in a Copier Lease? Here’s How To Get Un-Stuck! (And Save Money Too)

Copier leases can be a little frustrating sometimes. You signed for a 60-month term to get the lowest monthly price. But let’s face it: technology is rapidly changing and what you signed for 3 years ago isn’t quite fulfilling your needs today. So how do you exit your current copier lease so you can upgrade […]