3 Ways to Manage User Access to the Copier

Since the creation of the first book ever written, information has always held power. Books could contain knowledge passed down from generation to generation, holding educational value that only those with access to the book and the ability to read could unlock. In ancient civilizations, this knowledge held secrets to their very way of life. […]

Quantifying Your Copier Return On Investment

“A copier, is a copier, is a copier…” We’ve heard it again and again, Mr. Customer! You are not the first person to tell us that photocopiers are a commodity. Well I do wish to apologize, because it is our fault for failing to educate you on what a photocopier can really do. Let me […]

7 Print Management Solutions That Reduce Printing Costs

Actively managing how your staff prints documents is an effective method to reduce your business printing costs. One of the simplest methods you can use to better understand where printing costs are currently unmanaged in your business is by applying the “5 Ws” line of questioning: Who is printing in my business? What documents are […]

Follow-Me Printing Helps Increase Productivity and Reduce Waste

For those of you who have viewed my profile, you might have seen “Follow-Me Printing” listed under my job experience as one of my specialties. It’s one of my passions in the oh-so-exciting world of copiers and something I’ve been meaning to write about for some time now. What is Follow-Me Printing? Follow-Me Printing, also […]

Managed Office Technology is More Important Than Ever For Workforce Connectivity

The conversations we had with customers 2 short years ago is completely different from the conversations we have with them today. In 2013, customers viewed their office technology as a commodity, focused simply on price and the basic functionality of the product. It’s no surprise — the economy in 2013 still wasn’t great. Purchasers wanted […]