3 Ways to Manage User Access to the Copier

Since the creation of the first book ever written, information has always held power. Books could contain knowledge passed down from generation to generation, holding educational value that only those with access to the book and the ability to read could unlock. In ancient civilizations, this knowledge held secrets to their very way of life. […]

Finance – Digitizing Your Accounts Payable Process

The challenge with invoices today is that many of them are still received in the mail in paper format. Often times an Accounts Payable process can look something like this: Invoice is received –> Invoice is marked received with a stamp –> Invoice is paid –> Invoice is marked paid with a stamp –> Data is […]

Quantifying Your Copier Return On Investment

“A copier, is a copier, is a copier…” We’ve heard it again and again, Mr. Customer! You are not the first person to tell us that photocopiers are a commodity. Well I do wish to apologize, because it is our fault for failing to educate you on what a photocopier can really do. Let me […]

3 Document Management Solutions for the SMB Market

Document Management doesn’t need to break your bank account. After all, document management is designed to reduce costs and improve productivity (and we all know that time = money). Within the small to medium-sized business market, creating highly efficient digital workflows is not nearly as critical as having a highly organized system for finding information. […]