Buying Your Next Copier? 3 Things to Consider Beyond Price

Just like shopping for your next car, shopping around for your next office copier can be exciting, fun and stressful all at the same time. It’s easy to get wrapped up into the new features and technology that the latest copier models offer. But more than any feature, function, feed or speed, everybody judges one thing above the rest: the price!

People treat their businesses like their own lives and price is no exception to that. Simply put, it matters. (Which is one reason why we are open and honest about our pricing here at Ontario Copier.)

People do understand that there is a limit when it comes to buying a product simply on price. Affordability and Value are better terms that we prefer to use, as no one wants to buy a cheap photocopier only to have it fall apart a month later!

So… when it comes to Affordability and Value, what exactly does that mean? What do you look for to ensure you are getting a good “bang for your buck?” It’s tough for your average buyer to know. But for us copier nerds, here’s the list that we put together!

#1 – Understand Your Core Needs

Copiers can be customized pretty radically to do everything except cook your breakfast. From staple finishing, to tri-folding, to scanning documents directly into editable Word format. But do you need all these features? Knowing what your core needs are is an important way to cut back on expensive features that you probably want, but don’t need. Here’s a list of things to consider.

Print Speed - A higher “Pages Per Minute” doesn’t necessarily mean a faster print speed as most documents are less than 10 pages. Instead, focus on these two features instead.

  • What your average monthly print volumes? Make sure that the proposed copier can handle your monthly print volumes. Most of the time, a 25 page per minute device is more than fast enough to handle up to 100,000 pages per month. (But check the spec sheet just to be sure.)
  • What is the first copy output time (FCOT)? The difference between First Copy Out Time and Pages Per Minute is like the difference between Speed and Acceleration. FCOT is how many seconds it takes the copier will print out the first copy, whereas Pages Per Minute is how many pages the copier can print once the first page has been printed. High speed copiers often have slower First Copy Out Times, so make sure you understand whether your employees typically print large-sized documents or small documents.

Monochrome vs. Colour - It goes without saying that a Monochrome copier that only prints in Black & White is a little bit less expensive than a Colour device. Before deciding on one or the other, make sure you account how much money you spend in a year on colour prints whether it comes from an inkjet printer (watch out for those expensive ink cartridge costs!) or printing at a local print shop (you pay more for labour than toner).

Fax or No Fax – Let’s be honest, Fax is a relic. If you can live without it, great. If you have to have one, than look into first what it would cost to set up a digital fax line with your telecom provider. A Fax Board on a copier can be upwards of $1000. That’s instant savings right there!

So what else should you consider beyond price when shopping for your next copier lease?

#2 – Service Technicians

Have you met the service team of your local copier dealer? How do they dress? What type of training awards have they received? How long have they been with the company? What is their average response time?

Personally, I would rather work with a company with a professional-looking team of service technicians than some of the bums I’ve met who work in service. Dirty pants… shirt untucked… messy facial hair… Who wants someone like that coming into their business to fix the copier?!

Professionalism is usually associated with white collar workers like sales people and executives. But the professionalism of a great technician does not go unnoticed. All of our technicians are trained to be courteous, wipe their shoes before walking in and respect your employees’ time.

Service response times matter but it’s even more important that they do the job right the first time in a presentable manner befitting your business. Who knows the next time your customers are in the building? The companies who work for you also represent your business in a way.

#3 – Reptutation

How did you come across Ontario Copier? Was it through word of mouth or did you find us online? Hopefully it was the former! We love when our customers brag about us to other businesses because it means only one thing: we’re doing a good job. No company will ever provide a bad reference to you when you request references. Instead, ask your business neighbors. Who do they lease their copier from? Are they pleased about the quality of the product and service, or ecstatic? These are the differences we hope you look for. Don’t settle for just go. Pay a little more and go for great!

We hope you enjoyed our list. Now go out there and have some fun shopping for that next copier!

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