Quantifying Your Copier Return On Investment

“A copier, is a copier, is a copier…” We’ve heard it again and again, Mr. Customer! You are not the first person to tell us that photocopiers are a commodity. Well I do wish to apologize, because it is our fault for failing to educate you on what a photocopier can really do. Let me […]

6 Finishing Options and How They Impact Your Documents

Documents are powerful forms of communication. They do not just display information… they express it. As the late Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan famously said, “The medium is the message.” The appearance of your documents has as much of an impact as the information contained within them. Today’s multifunction copiers are much more than your standalone […]

What’s the Difference Between Canon, Konica Minolta, Ricoh and Xerox Copiers?

As you begin your buying journey of selecting a new multifunction copier for your business, you will very likely begin by contacting multiple dealers in your city (hopefully including Ontario Copier!). Much like a car dealership, every copier dealer carries a different brand so that they can offer something unique to their customers. Every customer who […]