Stuck in a Copier Lease? Here’s How To Get Un-Stuck! (And Save Money Too)

Copier leases can be a little frustrating sometimes. You signed for a 60-month term to get the lowest monthly price. But let’s face it: technology is rapidly changing and what you signed for 3 years ago isn’t quite fulfilling your needs today. So how do you exit your current copier lease so you can upgrade […]

Finance – Digitizing Your Accounts Payable Process

The challenge with invoices today is that many of them are still received in the mail in paper format. Often times an Accounts Payable process can look something like this: Invoice is received –> Invoice is marked received with a stamp –> Invoice is paid –> Invoice is marked paid with a stamp –> Data is […]

HR – Digitizing Your New Hire Onboarding Process

The role of HR is difficult. Many HR Business Consultants are strategic thinkers. They want to create change in the organization that stimulates growth. Culture improvement, employee engagement, attracting top talent, managing current talent and training employees are all top-of-mind strategic initiatives for the modern HR executive. Yet, all too often HR people are bogged […]