Home Office Copiers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic didn’t create change; it accelerated trends that were already in place pre-pandemic. For years now, corporations have been experimenting with remote work environment. If companies could outsource their Call Centres to India, Mexico and the Philippines, why couldn’t domestic employees also work from home? And thus the home office slowly took root for […]

5 Lies About Copier Leases (And the Truth About What You’re Getting Into!)

The surest sign of a salesman looking to make a quick buck is when they rush you into signing the paperwork. Copier leases are complicated legal documents – and without a proper review you may not know what you are getting yourself into! No, a photocopier lease is not a nefarious document intended to steal your […]

3 Ways to Manage User Access to the Copier

Since the creation of the first book ever written, information has always held power. Books could contain knowledge passed down from generation to generation, holding educational value that only those with access to the book and the ability to read could unlock. In ancient civilizations, this knowledge held secrets to their very way of life. […]