3 Ways to Manage User Access to the Copier

Since the creation of the first book ever written, information has always held power. Books could contain knowledge passed down from generation to generation, holding educational value that only those with access to the book and the ability to read could unlock. In ancient civilizations, this knowledge held secrets to their very way of life.

In our modern society, the process is no different. We simply use a different technology. Since the dawn of the first computer, information held in computers has held our most precious secrets. Banking passwords, accounting information, date of births, social insurance numbers… The privacy of this data is so critical knowing how vulnerable we are when it is stolen. We have all heard stories in the news of identity theft, corporate espionage, government embarrassments and so on. It’s no doubt then that IT security is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Copiers are like any other computer. They contain a processor, memory and store information on a hard drive. Why then, do we treat access to the copier so freely? Just like any home or work PC, user access to a copier must be managed if we are to maintain its security at a minimum.

Here are the 3 ways you can start managing access to your office copier:

#1 – Department ID

Department ID is a standard feature on most copiers today. This will allow you to create user names and passwords so that only certain personnel can have access to the copier. Maintaining user names and passwords not only restricts access to the copier, but will also allow you to track print and scan usage so that you can see which users are using the most paper within your organization.

#2 – Change the Administrator Password

Too often, copier technicians will use the same administrator’s login and password on every copier. This makes their job easier when attempting to fix the copier on a service call. The negative side track of this is that anyone with a background in copier sales or service can unlock your administration mode and create permanent changes to your copier. This can include billing changes, usage tracking and so on. Changing the administrator’s password should be a standard procedure to prevent any would-be hackers from playing with your office technology.

#3 – Utilize Print Management Software

For larger-sized companies with using more than a single copier, implementing a print management software such as PaperCut, UniFlow or Print Audit gives you corporate-wide security options across your fleet of printers. Locking down and restricting access to your printing devices is a start — tracking print/copy usage, energy usage and carbon footprint all help to maintain well-managed technology that contribute to overall productivity, efficiency and cost savings within your organization.

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